Introducing RADAR™

RADAR™ is a service for streaming video that helps viewers identify products that match what they see in video scenes when they click "pause". RADAR™ is part of the DeepVideo native ad platform that delivers highly-relevant contextual pause ads for VOD services. RADAR™ complements viewers' "binge-watching" behavior giving them a non-intrusive and valuable utility, while simultaneously providing publishers with a significant new revenue stream that does not conflict with existing infrastructures.

Ads that

match every scene

DeepVideo takes contextual advertising to unprecedented levels with highly-accurate object recognition technology. This capability enables our product ads to be closely matched to items that appear in any paused video scene.

Brand advertisers can now tap into video's powerful influence with the highest level of relevancy. Product ads are contextually matched, scene-by-scene to items appearing in the worlds' most influential videos. And DeepVideo is optimized for all environments including desktop, mobile, and OTT platforms.

Brands connect at the moment of influence

Powerful market intelligence

DeepVideo provides streaming services with compelling viewer preference data. Viewers engage with DeepVideo product ads in ways they cannot with traditional digital banner ads. Viewers can "like", "save", "share" and "click" product ads. This level of viewer engagement gives publishers deep insights into the specific items their viewers are resonating with.


RADAR™ lets viewers

buy things they discover while watching their favorite shows. 

Radar™ offers viewers the utility to "shop" their favorite video content and the on pause experience is entirely user-initiated and non-disruptive. This kind of win-win between viewers and advertisers offers a rare and welcome advancement in ad technology.

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