Scene-based, native
ad network for video

DeepVideo enables retailers and brands to tap into video's powerful influence by displaying products that match the items appearing in each scene of every video. Your customers can now discover your products at the exact moment of influence.


Your products matched to the world's most popular videos

DeepVideo takes contextual advertising for video to unprecedented levels. Our machine learning technology enables your products to appear scene-by-scene, visually matched to items featured in the videos.

Because our platform works with all videos including embeddable YouTube videos, your product ads can be matched to items featured in the world’s most popular videos.

Now you can reach devoted fans of the world’s biggest influencers in the most relevant way. 

Powerful new insights

Discover new influencers

DeepVideo allows you to track the videos, artists and influencers that drive the highest engagement with your products. This can help you gauge product sentiment as well as the types of content and audiences that are resonating most with your brand.

Track purchase intent and more

In addition to allowing your customers to zoom product info and click through to your store, DeepVideo also enables your customers to "like" your product ads as well as "save" them to wish lists. Your dashboard keeps track of all your customers’ engagement, letting you see their product and brand preferences, their level of intent and more.

It's easy - simply upload your inventory

DeepVideo is effortless to deploy.  Just like Google for Retail, you simply upload your inventory data and your product ads are automatically displayed scene-by-scene, visually matched to items that appear in the world's most popular videos. It takes just minutes to get started. 


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Contextual product placements

DeepVideo offers retail advertisers the power of premium product placements in the world's most influential videos. Our network of ad-enabled videos include some of the most watched videos from the most popular artists and influencers in the world.  

For viewers, products appear visually matched to actual items in each video scene. This enables advertisers to reach devoted fans of the world's biggest influencers in the most relevant way. And for the first time, advertisers can empower fans to truly "shop-the-looks" of their favorite influencers.

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Demi Lovato Made In The USA (Official Video)

Demi’s album available now!


Patriotic Duty Denim Crop Top

$16.00  Go Jane

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